Diablo 3 and the devil in the gameplay

When I was younger, Diablo 1 took some level of skill to complete, and consideration of ones armour or weapons. The game was atmospheric, challenging and a load of fun. I’ve got Diablo 3 for Switch now and it just feels like there’s such a missing element in the gameplay, like under the hood the game format changed, but the style, atmosphere and story haven’t.

Diablo 1 from, https://www.polygon.com/2016/11/4/13530784/diablo-3-diablo-1-level-details-darkening-of-tristram

In Diablo 1, you had to make time to consider the best load-out for your character, inspect the item properties and fawn over new items. You were scared entering a new area or level because who knew what may be about to pop and and take you!

With Diablo 3, I’m desperate to enjoy it, and the cut scenes and story are the things that have got me so far. However, even on the higher difficulty, the levels involve me doing nothing me than moving a character towards the dungeon spawn and rolling around control pad buttons to win. You get a new cool upgrade, and you equip them and repeat. You get some new armour, you equip that if it’s stronger and get going.

You just wade through any dungeons like a hot sword through butter without really any concern. The challenge is gone. It’s like the Total War “auto-resolve battle” button was just omni-present throughout the game and bound X,Y,A and B buttons. I fear I may get more enjoyment from just watching all the story cutscenes on Youtube and bypassing the RSI inducing middle-bits. I just don’t enjoy Diablo 3.

Hero image from “dave“, http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/diablo/images/2347181/title/diablo-3-wallpapers-wallpaper

Lazy Loading a Laravel Model relationship through a repository

If your Laravel Model needs access to repository for pulling relationship data, think again.

It’s the wrong way round, don’t do it. Your models need access to data without any N+1 issues from using Lazy load. So if you need to merge some data streams and return a collection, rather than use a repo call to access each stream object; Create a view table which `Union ALL`’s the data various models. Then the model can have lazy load access to all the things you need, and the laravel commands, `->with()` or `->load()` can work without slowing it all down

The Rurbric for Digital Handins

What does the Rurbric look like for a digital hand-in with no specified medium of hand-in..?

If it’s ok to hand in a Twitter Stories wall, video, pdf, PPT, IOS Game, Website, chatbot…

I know it’s really un-realistic, and students shouldn’t be handing in things that aren’t going to get the points (otherwise, what’s the point) but I did just wonder. I suppose the medium doesn’t matter, as long as it’s going to get the marks and express / show the learning and effort.

But then, when is a Twitter Stories wall ok?

Should you allow clients into your bug tracking software?

I believe yes, you should. With the proper caveats and training, your client should be able to see what’s going on.

The client has fewer surprises, is in on the problems and #FTW’s. They feel more connected to the product and weirdly will start to feel more “onside”.

Sure it might seem scary at first, but after the initial storming, the process does begin forming!

It’s all about improving process through transparency.