The vulnerable PM

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My two years of being an EdTech Product Manager have given me so much pause for thought relating to my confidence and approach. Being vulnerable as a PM in your work and putting yourself out there has really helped make better products. It’s tough though on some days you need thick skin padded with perseverance.…… Continue reading The vulnerable PM

Which analytics for when?

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Data. It helps guide your Product squad to a higher confidence for their predicted outcomes. It starts to pull the squad away from guess work and gut checks being the only source of truth. Whether you’re looking to codify a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) report, or understand your DAU (Daily Active Users) on a platform,…… Continue reading Which analytics for when?

When RICE is too sticky – a product process reflection

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Recently I ran some UAT (User Acceptence Testing) on one of the products I’m guiding through the process and wanted to share some tips on how I used Airtable to synthesize and pull meaning quickly from the data. I will cover my mistakes and reflect on their remedies concluding why using the RICE framework early…… Continue reading When RICE is too sticky – a product process reflection