Manual QA #FTW :(

Recently I’ve been looking to improve¬†our app delivery QA. We’ve had to come up with a solution for our team to run the QA. So we got the test plan¬†from them and currently the QA was being run from a spreadsheet… on one person’s machine. So after much chatting with our WMG¬†Team, I lead the…… Continue reading Manual QA #FTW ūüė¶

An intro to using Trello

More and more University staff here are using Trello for sharing ideas and collaborating on projects. So I’ve made a super quick intro video which I’d like to share on using Trello for Tracking bugs. Please remember that Trello is a cloud service and we must abode by the University’s Cloud Usage Rules,

Being brave enough to change a process

Today we had to change a large process that wasn’t working. The State. A web development being built hasn’t got automated tests written for it and requires an office member to go through and MANUALLY test every item. Basically what Behat or DalekJS should be doing… Anyway, the tests were all written in 1 document.…… Continue reading Being brave enough to change a process

I believe yes, you should. With the proper caveats and training, your client should be able to see what's going on. The client has fewer surprises, is in on the problems and #FTW's. They feel more connected to the product and weirdly will start to feel more "onside". Sure it might seem scary at first,… Continue reading Should you allow clients into your bug tracking software?

Today, the institution changed

A lecturer I’m working with has started his own board in Trello and invited me to contribute to it. It might sound like nothing, but change in an institutions is¬†a¬†slow beast, however¬†I’ve been here 4 weeks and the team are excited about learning and trying an¬†Agile way of working. Effectively he’s created a project backlog…… Continue reading Today, the institution changed

Killing off your emails, aiming at project transparency

CC all the emails?

Just wanted to share, recently I read this article… It talks a lot about transparency which¬†I totally agree with. A more transparent team is a more efficient and better team. Proper transparency means the team’s (including the client)¬†expectations are managed and less confused.¬†However I totally disagree with emails as the best tool for transparency.…… Continue reading Killing off your emails, aiming at project transparency

My brew for Kool Aid Coding

Since moving on from Thought Den to become a freelance coder, Digital apprenticeship teacher and a new company director, there’s some great tools that have been keep me steaming along at the Coal Face. Here’s the tech which keeps my coding efficient, Source Tree (git GUI) Keeps me making lots of small and useful GIT…… Continue reading My brew for Kool Aid Coding

Dear Trello, please show us your tiny pencil again!

If like me you’re an avid Trello Board user, you’ll have noticed they removed a very simple but really important feature recently. The tiny pencil. This tiny pencil meant we could attach meta-data, to the board without it becoming content. Things like the “Sprint delivery date” or just simply, “Notes for users” However it appears…… Continue reading Dear Trello, please show us your tiny pencil again!