Should you allow clients into your bug tracking software?

I believe yes, you should. With the proper caveats and training, your client should be able to see what’s going on.

The client has fewer surprises, is in on the problems and #FTW’s. They feel more connected to the product and weirdly will start to feel more “onside”.

Sure it might seem scary at first, but after the initial storming, the process does begin forming!

It’s all about improving process through transparency.

This year’s support will mostly be for…

Just so it’s clear. I gave a donation of £10 of my money to Democracy 2015.

I’m supporting this party right now in its initial stages as I’m interested in groups that aren’t Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem or racist f#wits.

The Democracy2015 party talks of Honesty and Transparency. Which I believe are the biggest pair of nuts to crack in British politics right now.

So I will be supporting them with time and mini-donations to see where it leads.


Our big vision

HS2 rail link, a new idea for some when it arrived on the front page news this week. However, not for others, who look to benefit from the new connections… in about 13 years.

It’s a missed opportunity for our UK government that often some things appear like this from them that seem like half thought-out plans when I’m sure they’re not…. right? I mean who would order a ‘high-speed’ rail service that barely cuts commuting times? Why has it been approved if its benefits aren’t that clear?

What would be great from now on is to negate that appearance of half baked ideas. Maybe a site that offers a even a glimpse of transparency from the government’s big Vision ideas. An accessible and publicised ‘Vision’ site. Somewhere all those huge and mini ideas are displayed clearly and with a few simple pros and cons. Allowing people to see and mostly, share the vision link with their comments and thoughts around their social networks. Posing difficult questions, alternate thoughts and clever solutions.


The government could capture the conversation, use it and respond where necessary early. I know full well that we won’t please everybody, however, at least their input counted and the go-ahead is less of a surprise.