Manual QA #FTW :(

Recently I’ve been looking to improve our app delivery QA. We’ve had to come up with a solution for our team to run the QA. So we got the test plan from them and currently the QA was being run from a spreadsheet… on one person’s machine. So after much chatting with our WMG Team, I lead the…… Continue reading Manual QA #FTW 😦

Simplifying Digital Reporting Tools in WMG, Warwick Uni

As we’re speccing and delivering more digital systems at WMG, Warwick University, we’re beginning to re-evaluate how we handle reporting from each and every system. It’s becoming clear that every online application or process seems to implement a different set of reporting tools by default. Currently we have 2 which output custom .csv’s (comma separated…… Continue reading Simplifying Digital Reporting Tools in WMG, Warwick Uni

State of the union (since starting at Warwick Uni)

A small state of the union post so I don’t forget my journey so far… The largest change is introducing my Agile experience into many aspects of workflow and to many members of staff. Agile Training * I have delivered three separate sets of Agile training * Once for the Project Management Networking Group *…… Continue reading State of the union (since starting at Warwick Uni)

Today, the institution changed

A lecturer I’m working with has started his own board in Trello and invited me to contribute to it. It might sound like nothing, but change in an institutions is a slow beast, however I’ve been here 4 weeks and the team are excited about learning and trying an Agile way of working. Effectively he’s created a project backlog…… Continue reading Today, the institution changed