First thoughts on Amy (x dot aiiiii)

Last week I was part of the lucky few to get onto Amy’s good list. I made it to the automated personal assistant free account and she happily just set about handling her first meeting.

So how’d it go? Over-all it was great, and sooooo close…… The on-boarding was real easy. The instructions are REALLY clear and the start of the process was easy. Also, the real test, both participants made it to the meeting.

But right near the event, here’s where it went slightly off the rails. My colleague. helpfully emailed over his phone number, just in-case I got lost or needed a hand. Amy however, she auto-resent out a new invite to everyone updating the meeting from a “Meet in person” to a “Call” eeek.


Because I’m not a total truster of new tech I only let Amy book up a simple meeting with one person who I know, however if this was for a few people and in the last minute it tried to re-arrange something that could have been a problem.

I wonder if Amy could have a “1 hour to meeting *lock*”, where the ususal flurry of emails from anyone but the organiser will ask permission to change the details rather than straight away sending out 10 new invites and changing the scope of the meet. That or improved understanding of people sending their phone number just to be helper.

Now I know it’s naughty only posting stuff when it doesn’t work, but I hope you’ll see from this that I really like so far, and a tweak would make it less panicy.

Internet of Things (IoT) in Health

This evening is very exciting, I’m going to my third tech meetup since moving to the Midlands. This session is about the “Internet of Things in Health”

Meet up #7 – IoT in Health

Tuesday, Oct 14, 2014, 7:00 PM

International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI)
The University of Warwick Coventry, GB

47 Futuregazers Went

NB: please note access to the campus is very restricted due to roadworks and traffic light control at present. Gibbet Hill Road through the campus is closed and access by car is best via Kirby Corner Road. Traffic can be heavy, particularly before 6pm so we advise leaving plenty of additional time to arrive.Speakers:• Andy Wilkins, Independent He…

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They define the Internet of Things (IoT) as,

Definitions as to what IoT actually is vary considerably, but its foundation could be considered to be connecting everyday physical ‘Things’ to the Internet.

This is a very absorbing subject area for me, tech marches on as fast as Napoleon’s armies out of Russia and with every cadenced step it’s connecting up 10’s of devices to the internet. Mundane house items like your thermostat being connected online is a “$3.2 billon” business. Even your bike pedals are at it.

But even more interesting are the advancements being made in Health. Tools and your normal personal items getting called “wearables” and having a wifi chip shoved up their… socket. All to help you paint a picture of your well-being. It’ll give health professionals access to accurate personal data to diagnose problems and patterns easier. Hell, I imagine even the connected apps will have a go at pronouncing your problems and corrections first.

That’s why tonight’s meetup is so interesting, with Apple’s Health ID the iWatch creating data about one’s self, the sheer newness is riveting. What next to get connected, the chair?