Breaking democracy?

What was the point in voting in the first place?

Shouldn’t MP’s respect the outcome of the refurendum?

A second vote would destory confidence in government.

Well these are all seemingly correct statements but in today’s modern world I can’t help but feel they’re out of touch still.

A second vote to me would mean being reactive to change, would mean being more Agile around our government and choices. It’s possible to both accept the referendum, but also be smart and accept and act on the fact it’s going to cause significant disruption.

Yes. People voted out, the Leave team won that. Done. Dusted. However, to ignore the result of that choice, i.e., businesses are leaving the country, the NHS not getting that extra money… wouldn’t it be better to avoid a massive mistake rather than following it blindly? It’s possible that people who voted leave are comfortable with the what’s at stake, do not see it as a mistake and value the nation’s independence a lot more so want it to continue.

But really what is everyone afraid of? A second vote doesn’t have to be a “best of three” and it doesn’t have to be seen as a democratic fail. It’s a complete democratic win, it’s a chance to say, “well here we are and is this what we wanted?”. In fact, it’s more democratic to ask again since so much has seemingly changed since the initial vote. The people get to choose, do they want the deal and the UK’s freedom, or do they want to stick with the bigger European picture?

You wouldn’t dream of carrying on something so un-settling in any local club you were part of without checking with the members on the way, so why should government be any different? Yes we honour the vote, but also we honour our own smarts’ and not forge ahead blindly.

This really is an opportunity for a more democratic UK government, and it could be embraced as a win for all. It’s not breaking democracy, it’s making democracy.

The Bristol Mayor’s Ideas Lab! Submit how much you hate car/bikes etc…

Here’s a welcome addition to George Ferguson’s aim to make Bristol a “Laboratory for change“. He’s taking the digital upper hand and released the “Bristol Idea’s Lab”, a Bristol Home brew delib product (

Delib logo

It’ll be interesting to see what starts getting shared on there, I imagine there’ll be the usual car vs. bike debacle. But in a city that has created traffic corridors based on Buchannan’s “Traffic in Towns” report (1960’s) it’s hardly surprising. Maybe a good idea would be to look at the work of Hans Monderman (1980’s Netherlands) and re-mix cars and people, then claim a few more areas for all transport to share and make the space not just for the efficient transport of motor vehicles. Architectural changes like raising the kerbs, making the place feel more natural and losing traffic lights. That could work well down near Mr Wolfs and a few of the side streets.

Either way, in a city that is constantly claiming to be a UK digital beacon with larger digital companies like e3, Team rubber and the new start ups in the games lab and pervasive media I’m hoping it’ll see a large response. However, we’ll begin to see how digitally enabled the public is and whether we really need a rural broadband project (

Here’s some important questions though, I wonder if the data from the consultation ideas will be declared “Open data” and shared for all, or closed for a period? Also, how many ideas will be bumped in-front of George Ferguson’s eyes and how many will actually be acted on.

Anyways, good luck to it, go get your Bristol thoughts on there where it’ll be read by someone, rather than bending the dude next to you’s ear on the bus or in the pub.

You re angry with politics right?

… So was I. Imagine the relief to possibly have tapped into a solution to end that frustration. Aside from punching a picture of a politician repeatedly.

Democracy 2015 cafe consultations, they lay on a couple of drinks and a warm room. They lay on some super super informed people with actual quantifiable stats/evidence. Then they’ll questions about your opinion and start a discussion.

After that a straw poll is taken, what do you think to X, Y and Z?

From here, they start forming the mini tendrils of a policy from your thoughts. Nothing more. All to be gently expanded and transparently filled into a party manifesto before the next election.

Meaning at the 2015 election, you’ll know what’s going on with at least one party, because you helped write their manifesto and feel informed about what it stands for.

There are more cafe consultations throughout the country on the subject of drugs, then others in the year over different subjects. I seriously urge you to go along.

There’s something in it for sure because it buzzes with democracy.

Democracy 2015

Start writing the manifesto you want to see

This evening, Bristol had a unique opportunity to start writing the manifesto it want so see voted in. No more, just vote for a party and cross your fingers their manifesto was close to what you want. Nope.
Come, talk and join in. The team from democracy 2015 are there to start hearing and writing up actions for our behalf. This particular meet is on drugs, so I’m sure you’ll have a very valid opinion.

Here’s the link for all the detail and I hope your interest has been considered “prodded”.


This year’s support will mostly be for…

Just so it’s clear. I gave a donation of £10 of my money to Democracy 2015.

I’m supporting this party right now in its initial stages as I’m interested in groups that aren’t Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem or racist f#wits.

The Democracy2015 party talks of Honesty and Transparency. Which I believe are the biggest pair of nuts to crack in British politics right now.

So I will be supporting them with time and mini-donations to see where it leads.