Which analytics for when?

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Data. It helps guide your Product squad to a higher confidence for their predicted outcomes. It starts to pull the squad away from guess work and gut checks being the only source of truth. Whether you’re looking to codify a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) report, or understand your DAU (Daily Active Users) on a platform,…… Continue reading Which analytics for when?

Entroponic’ cohort analysis

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How does entropy effect your cohort analysis? If over time the shape of a user’s experience becomes less about their onboarding, and more about their general use, should after a while all cohorts become a general cohort, and it be less important when they on-boarded or when they signed up? Does that mean maybe after…… Continue reading Entroponic’ cohort analysis

Is EdTech Still Relevant?

This post is a submission to the OpenBlog challenge #OpenBlog19. As people who work in the business of supporting educational technology you’d be surprised (and probably a bit disappointed) if we said no EdTech is not still relevant, it’s not. But it’s a question that’s fairly regularly asked. It normally starts along the lines of…… Continue reading Is EdTech Still Relevant?