The Bristol Mayor’s Ideas Lab! Submit how much you hate car/bikes etc…

Here’s a welcome addition to George Ferguson’s aim to make Bristol a “Laboratory for change“. He’s taking the digital upper hand and released the “Bristol Idea’s Lab”, a Bristol Home brew delib product (

Delib logo

It’ll be interesting to see what starts getting shared on there, I imagine there’ll be the usual car vs. bike debacle. But in a city that has created traffic corridors based on Buchannan’s “Traffic in Towns” report (1960’s) it’s hardly surprising. Maybe a good idea would be to look at the work of Hans Monderman (1980’s Netherlands) and re-mix cars and people, then claim a few more areas for all transport to share and make the space not just for the efficient transport of motor vehicles. Architectural changes like raising the kerbs, making the place feel more natural and losing traffic lights. That could work well down near Mr Wolfs and a few of the side streets.

Either way, in a city that is constantly claiming to be a UK digital beacon with larger digital companies like e3, Team rubber and the new start ups in the games lab and pervasive media I’m hoping it’ll see a large response. However, we’ll begin to see how digitally enabled the public is and whether we really need a rural broadband project (

Here’s some important questions though, I wonder if the data from the consultation ideas will be declared “Open data” and shared for all, or closed for a period? Also, how many ideas will be bumped in-front of George Ferguson’s eyes and how many will actually be acted on.

Anyways, good luck to it, go get your Bristol thoughts on there where it’ll be read by someone, rather than bending the dude next to you’s ear on the bus or in the pub.

Did any Bristol MP’s sign the EDM “Creative Industries are Important”?

Nope. They did not.

Does that matter though, aren’t the Creative industries useless things like Kate Bush whining and artists sticking pictures of their facial hair onto your Nan?

The Creative Industry accounts for a massive amount of GDP “The creative industries contribute 6% of GDP, employ over 2 million people and export over £16bn annually.”

The UK’s Creative Industries are projects like Gromits around Bristol, shows at London’s O2 and Star Wars being filmed in the UK and all that music clanging away in your tiny white headphones.

More relative to Bristol, it’s projects like the PM studio and their Techno magicians, the arena our mayor George Ferguson is championing, every small band trying to find their way to the big time, your kids going to the Hippodrome every crimbo’, all the lovely art Bristol can be proud of and probably… that music clanging away in your tiny white headphones still…

But aren’t EDM’s a joke? Sometimes it seems, yes. To be honest, the title of this EDM is a bit… meh’, but at least it’s to the point.

The good thing is though, some of our Bristol MPs went one stage better than the EDM. Dawn Primaralo MP only went and bloody chaired the debate in Parliament around the Arts and Culture budgets. Also, my local MP, Kerry McCarthy was on it, talking more than just numbers of budget spent by recognising the unique culture in Brsitol…

“we need acts that are innovative and edgy and that have something important to say” and “that those involved [in Bristol] did not need or want public funding” but that the Government needed to support them through other means, if only by not hindering their creativity.

Arts and Culture can’t be ignored, and whilst it’s not the size of the construction industry in economic value it’s still important. Also, we just ain’t human without arts and our creativity, how would you value that?

Bigger, brighter and emptier Broadmead

Does Broadmead need to be bigger and brighter? From the visual evidence I would say the main problem is there’s a limit to how many clone shops one of the city’s centre can handle.


Bigger is just going to add more free space that isn’t housing new business or pop-up shops… Hurrah, more empty shop fronts to look at! That emptiness would just highlight what’s missing even more.

Why not smaller and cleaner Broadmead, slash the rent to new startups / SME’s, sell it as the freaking cool independent quarter next to the new build Cabot’s circus, invite Bristol college and Uni students to take some space, the PM studio to take some space, knock half of it down and make a nice big park. (The knocking down might be a bit much, but I do like green space)

Election turnout in Bristol

Here’s another well written piece from Gez Smith about election turn-out in Bristol’s local elections.

Apparently the turnout like many other places in Bristol was rather looooooow, read about it on Bristol’s 24/7

I was wondering though, how many people know they can “spoil your vote” instead of not voting? Effectively saying, I vote no-one, this is a rubbish set of candidates/voting system?

Spoiled vote "Hand it back to the banks" Spoiled vote "wankers"

Bristol Young Student of the Year Awards


Developing young peoples’ employability skills by giving them real business experience and the confidence to achieve

I’m excited to be invited to attend the the BYT awards next week at the Mall, Bristol. It’s a brilliant competition in the second year of running. Here’s a mug shot of all the entrants this year,

Bristol Young Talent Awards
Bristol Young Talent Awards

Last year I made time to mentor a group of 16yr olds lads, their challenge was to make a smartphone app for the Bloodhound project which was fun for learning. Their solution was great, a little racing game where the more questions you answered correctly, the faster the bloodhound went.

This year, we’re all expecting bigger things, I promise to report back on Bristol’s young talent showcase after the event.