Machine Learning in EdTEch analytics

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As Machine Learning moves past the peak of inflated expectations, I am getting involved in dragging it towards the slope of enlightenment. Hype cycle for AI Recently I’ve been doing a lot more concept work to integrate Machine Learning into our product’s repertoire. This is all related to the learning analytics work we’re doing, and…… Continue reading Machine Learning in EdTEch analytics

Which analytics for when?

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Data. It helps guide your Product squad to a higher confidence for their predicted outcomes. It starts to pull the squad away from guess work and gut checks being the only source of truth. Whether you’re looking to codify a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) report, or understand your DAU (Daily Active Users) on a platform,…… Continue reading Which analytics for when?

Engagement is queen [god save the…]”

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So as a product manager involved in designing our learning dashboard work around “actionable data by default”, I’m struggling with data events being so simple, and the learning design being so thorough. We want actionable data to allow a student and their tutor to take action and guide them towards more learning success. But if…… Continue reading Engagement is queen [god save the…]”