You re angry with politics right?

… So was I. Imagine the relief to possibly have tapped into a solution to end that frustration. Aside from punching a picture of a politician repeatedly.

Democracy 2015 cafe consultations, they lay on a couple of drinks and a warm room. They lay on some super super informed people with actual quantifiable stats/evidence. Then they’ll questions about your opinion and start a discussion.

After that a straw poll is taken, what do you think to X, Y and Z?

From here, they start forming the mini tendrils of a policy from your thoughts. Nothing more. All to be gently expanded and transparently filled into a party manifesto before the next election.

Meaning at the 2015 election, you’ll know what’s going on with at least one party, because you helped write their manifesto and feel informed about what it stands for.

There are more cafe consultations throughout the country on the subject of drugs, then others in the year over different subjects. I seriously urge you to go along.

There’s something in it for sure because it buzzes with democracy.

Democracy 2015

Start writing the manifesto you want to see

This evening, Bristol had a unique opportunity to start writing the manifesto it want so see voted in. No more, just vote for a party and cross your fingers their manifesto was close to what you want. Nope.
Come, talk and join in. The team from democracy 2015 are there to start hearing and writing up actions for our behalf. This particular meet is on drugs, so I’m sure you’ll have a very valid opinion.

Here’s the link for all the detail and I hope your interest has been considered “prodded”.


This year’s support will mostly be for…

Just so it’s clear. I gave a donation of £10 of my money to Democracy 2015.

I’m supporting this party right now in its initial stages as I’m interested in groups that aren’t Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem or racist f#wits.

The Democracy2015 party talks of Honesty and Transparency. Which I believe are the biggest pair of nuts to crack in British politics right now.

So I will be supporting them with time and mini-donations to see where it leads.