The in-house Entrepeneur

Very pleased to share with you a recent win both of my team’s pitchesĀ have achieved in the Santander Digital Innovation Challenge. Warwick Uni is putting some money where it’s mouth is and is sponsoring early stage ideas across the University to improve everyone’s working lives. Both teams I put forward have won a cash prizes, […]

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Manual QA #FTW :(

Recently I’ve been looking to improveĀ our app delivery QA. We’ve had to come up with a solution for our team to run the QA. So we got the test planĀ from them and currently the QA was being run from a spreadsheet… on one person’s machine. So after much chatting with our WMGĀ Team, I lead the […]

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Re: “Baking in” SCD…

Planning for Change, some evidence. Here’s a little follow up to my post,Ā “Baking in” SCD. I’ve been forwarded this link which is exceptional in it’s brevity and information. I suggest anyone in HE should read it’s from the, “Leadership foundation for Higher Education” and is called, “Adaptive capability in higher education institutions“. It looks at […]

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We’re ignoring our stakeholders and they couldn’t be happier!

The following is a set of techniques that at WMG, Warwick University I have led and implemented on various digital projects to great success. Stakeholders are happy with it, and they’re not inadvertently alteringĀ the success chance of the projects. You’ll recognise this. Every project you run, has a plethora of stakeholders involved. In some large […]

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