Immersive Simulation or Haptic…

Had a really interesting chat today with WMG is really enjoying getting stuck into trialling Immersive media, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. But it’s coming with challenges that we’re all aware of Cost 3D models and worlds Time for setting up equipment Coders Linking the learning to a LMS platform Sea sickness But the chap […]

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The Rurbric for Digital Handins

What does the Rurbric look like for a digital hand-in with no specified medium of hand-in..? If it’s ok to hand in a Twitter Stories wall, video, pdf, PPT, IOS Game, Website, chatbot… I know it’s really un-realistic, and students shouldn’t be handing in things that aren’t going to get the points (otherwise, what’s the […]

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Paying the Mac “Tax”

Paying the Mac Tax, or “should I buy our developers Macs or cheaper PCs?”. Often the idea of buying staff an Apple Mac’s for work seems like a poor business decision. It’s expensive and surely nothing more than “pretty thing”. Doesn’t everything work on Windows anyway right? You can hear it in your mind saying, “how […]

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gitlab CI fail 128 and how to solve it

If you are seeing this, then it means an earlier test has spannered out so bad that it’s now preventing other tests from working. This quickest way to un-block it is… ssh into the runner and delete the .git/index.lock! Then re-run and it should all clear out. HTH fatal: Unable to create ‘/home/admin/tmp/builds/runner-XXX/.git/index.lock’: File exists. […]

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Group work and the individual

I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected for some great training this month in LEAN and Warwick Uni’s flavour of it, SCD. However a couple of the sessions really highlighted the difference between “working on your own first” or “starting in a group”. When you’re sent off to do a group task on something new, you haven’t […]

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Strengths Finder 2.0 – Gallup

Strengths Finder 2.0 – Gallup My Personal Strengths @dancourse > 1 Strategic > 2 Ideation > 3 Relator > 4 Includer > 5 Significance The book, Strengths Finder 2.0 We all like a good personality quiz, c’mon you’ve been tempted by a few Quizzes on your Facebook profile and Buzzfeed right? You hope they may […]

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