Disconnect between learning theory and online practice

Since starting at Keypath UK as a Senior Instructional Designer I have been boning up on many a learning & teaching theory to support the quality of mine / and my team’s output.

However something that always strikes me is the massive disconnect between the touted theory and practice online.

The Community of Inquiry model, Socio-constructivism and Kagan cooperative learning tools can make any learning theorist a hot mess for ages whilst they chatter through the respective merits, however, when it comes to practice, and for online learners, I’ve often found very little solid writing to warm my grey cells.

This work I’m presently carrying out as the partnership manager for delivering online masters however has given me, and the team I lead, ample opportunity to put into practice various parts of each theory.

Obviously I can’t share commercially sensitive work, however it’s work along the lines of  special conversational blocks, signposting for communication and some “set-pieces” for engagement early on.

… and that’s all I can share for now!

Breaking ground for global online learners

Where have I been for 9 months?

New baby? Commercially, yes. For the last few months since leaving WMG I’ve been leading an aboslutley brilliant and dedicated team to deliver a whole new breed of online learning.

2 weeks ago, as Senior Instructional Designer and manager of the Exeter University & Keypath UK partnership, my awesome team delivered a ground-breaking new online Masters programme to a very large cohort of global students.

I can’t really write too much about the programme for commercial reasons, however, it’s big on, “Community of Inquiry” and has broken new ground in taking Exeter University’s marvellous content to a variety of online global learners.

Also, Moodle doesn’t know what hit it!

This didn’t happen without some amazing, and did I say dedicated team members and very very supportive leadership at Keypath.

Go check out the marketing page here, https://online.exeter.ac.uk/