Game based Learning in HE

We had a very good session run by Emma King yesterday on “Game based learning, is it for HE”.

It gave us some tools to analyse and report on our output, some research to base our work on and highlighted some externals making waves in adult learning.

Here is her prezi, Game based learning in HE

Today, the institution changed

A lecturer I’m working with has started his own board in Trello and invited me to contribute to it.

It might sound like nothing, but change in an institutions is a slow beast, however I’ve been here 4 weeks and the team are excited about learning and trying an Agile way of working.

Effectively he’s created a project backlog of his own, somewhere him and his team can share their ideas, comment and look to improve their projects bit by bit.

All I did was set him up access to my par’d down support Agile board and now he’s set his own because he liked it.

Very cool.


Using video to aid tutors in doing complex tasks

As you may know, I’m not a fan of emails and will always try to push things through Trello tickets to keep all the info in the correct place. But yesterday I made a massive c***-up and had to send a group email out to the staff so they were aware of what was going on.

However, I couldn’t go see them all personally as they’re a geographically dispersed group at the best of times. But a long complex email would be too difficult to follow and take hours to write.

So instead, in a group email out I included a simple screen cast video from where I was working. It meant that all the tutors could watch it, watch what I was doing with my mouse and Trello, and feel confident they knew how they were updating their tickets.

AEP screencast


So far I’ve had really good reviews on how much easier it was and the tutors want to try it out.