Should the Government Make Us Happy?

Friday Thinker (from the OU Facebook page) Should the Government Make Us Happy?  All the social sciences potentially have a contribution to make but economists know that:· People have their own levels of happiness· Material deprivation makes people unhappy· Happiness depends on freedom from coercion and perhaps even equality of opportunity and respect· Markets don’t ALWAYS […]

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Our big vision

HS2 rail link, a new idea for some when it arrived on the front page news this week. However, not for others, who look to benefit from the new connections… in about 13 years. It’s a missed opportunity for our UK government that often some things appear like this from them that seem like half […]

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An agile government

Things appear too docuemnt heavy in Government. “Make this please, we’ve planned it for months… oh look, it hasn’t worked and it’s delivered over budget.” More project managers need to be hired who practice Agile methodology. They are adaptable to change in a world where the deliverables should be subject to change from your origninal […]

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