Thoughts on Labour in #GE17

Here’s a dump of thoughts on Labour right now. I’ve taken my first step on being active to help out, but thought I’d write up my thoughts quickly on the state of play. More notes for myself than useful

  1. Crap. We didn’t get the Midlands. I helped, and apparently didn’t help enough. We’ve all had a “dry run” and whoops, we didn’t do well. How can we mobilise more Labour peeps to do stuff? The “sign up to a campaign near you” is a bit heavy for some of us. Not everyone feels comfortable in social situations. Not everyone feels prepared to sell Labour on the door steps. Can someone make a list of actions please for Labour introverts… My leafleting was pretty good for that…

2. Labour’s #GE17 policies are being knocked out the park, well done. But there’s a quad-partide of things to balance here.

  1. How will the party action / manage #Brexit? What plan / result do we have?
  2. What awesome GE policies do you have?
  3. Can someone take the micky out of Corbyn leaving please, he’s not. But for charity he needs to pretend to do something so it moves the conversation on.
  4. MONEY. How do we sell trusting Labour with cash cash cash.

4. Using cool tech to grab attention and skip showing what the news channels only want to show.

  • Can we get Corbyn into the hands of the people? Can we attach a BlippAr thing to our leaflets please, so a bit like Leia in StarWars, leaflet openers get to see Corbyn talking and pumped up. Explaining to people why he’s awesome. We skip the news channels then, and get Corbyn into the hands of the people using a fun tech.
  • Can we re-record the same thing to get Corbyn into a 360 video on YT?
  • Can we re-record it and get him in a Google Cardboard thing talking?
  • Can he do a day in the life of Corbyn Instagram Stories thing, I’d love to see people chatting with him and him selling the good stuff

Anyway, it’s just thoughts. Comment and trash away 😀

What would spur the 500,000 into action?

There’s strength in numbers, but as I explored / mused recently in Vanity metrics, are the Labour membership numbers really that strong?

Recently on the Labour Party Facebook page there has been a flurry of polls and conversation. And it made me wonder where are the Labour Party’s touch points for debating and ultimately calling on us to take unified action? Do these conversations lead to people leaving their chairs and taking action?

We have 500,000 members, but at any one time can we spur more than 5% them into action?

Emails, my guess is that emails are the most reliable form of making initial contact with them majority of numbers, but I wonder if their resulting action/goal is actually even close to 10%?

The Facebook Page has apparently 600,000+ members, however any one discussion won’t see more than 200 interactions for a poll, or maybe 25 replies on a conversation.

Again, when we look at the ward meetings in certain CLP space, we see at best 10 from membership of 600, showing how few people actually take part. It seems this assumption may be true, according to Keith.


Is the party as strong as it actually believes it is? Following up on the vanity metrics post, are we in dire need of addressing our touch points for conversing, and ultimately leading to action.

I believe there’s strength in unified action, but if we aren’t all interacting in the same place and leaving our armchairs, maybe there isn’t that much strength stored up?

Is the party as strong as it actually believes it is?

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The Labour party and vanity metrics


After joining the Labour Party we are told we have 500,000 members which is a very exciting metric! However my experience tells me that’s partly a vanity metric (see Yes, the high number may make other people come join as it’s clearly a growing exciting movement, however, is “total members” a useful sum for the aim of, “preparing for power”?

500,000 members is a vanity metric for the Labour Party

The Labour party prides itself on being a party of action, able to rally people to go door knocking at a moments notice and join a march every weekend. However, I wonder how true is that really and what metrics would represent that? For a party of action, I suspect it’s a case of something similar to these,

  • number of members doing, “an action” for Labour each month
  • number of for those attending Ward meetings

Out of 500,000 members, how many will turn up at the doors? How many attend a ward meet? How many will frequently sit at a phone bank for the elections?

So how can we say, find out the actual numbers who can do actioning, too, increase those numbers frequently? Maybe head office have something on it, but I was just pondering our metrics to show if we really are, “preparing for power”.

Creating Value from your Ward meeting

Just got my first post approved on the Labour Party Facebook Group, huzzah.

It’s to understand what other people see as good value activity in their regular ward meeting. Also, it’s to follow up on the top activities and comments to see if we can start eeking’ value from the meets.

Honestly I expect people to say they’d like to do more actionable activities and see JC occasionally (that’s what I want), however we’ll see!



My first Labour Ward meeting

In one word. Passionate.

In more than one word, that was well interesting. Lots of re-joined and new Labour members all packing into a room on a chilly autumn night. Everyone easily fired up after a few months of “no meetings please” from the NEC.

The director chap from Coventry Migrant centre started us off with his story about entering the UK and being, “sent to Cov” and enlightened us with all the work the centre is doing.

The main agenda briefly started out with intros, which quickly turned to JC which quickly turned to the next election, which quickly turned to Brexit and rounded down onto the local library and mass tax avoidance.

Crumbs. That’s a lot for 20 locals to be interested in.

Then it got me thinking. We all are here because we wanting to discuss national issues, however, what is the best value we can get from a ward meet?

what is the best value we can get from a ward meet?

Realistically we’re not going to change anything massive. So is it better we fill our evenings pursuing local affairs and national labour policies at a local level?

Either way, we’ve got passion and a certain pack of interests going, so I wonder how we can harness that?

The Tory party is a party for the people (ie. super rich people)

The Tory party is a party of super rich people, which is fine, it’s just important to know. Its leadership is made up of very rich donors from very rich companies and as such, their policies, we need to remember are policies which support those donors. That’s fine. It’s a party made for super rich people.

Are you a super rich “people”, do imagine what they talk about at their banquests are the same as you talk about over dinner?

Nothing about this should surprise anyone by the way, it is a party lead by people who want to protect themselves being super rich.

But, never be mistaken into thinking a Tory party person means YOU when they say, “We’re a party for the people”. Because, they mean for those super rich people who can pay £50,000 to bend the policy makers’ ears.

Do you want to vote for the super rich boys club? Do you think their ideas and values align with yours?

I’ve nearly bought a nurse

So last week I posted about me not using certain services who avoid paying their UK taxes. This is for all of my shopping and Christmas list this year.


Well it’s more tough than I thought. I hadn’t realised how much I use certain services! Blasted Google Chrome is the only decent browser, which then defaults to searches, and most of the time Amazon is the top spot in the search results…. all on my Apple mac computer.

So, to help me along…

Google: isn’t all that bad for searches. In Chrome, just type “bing”, then press TAB and you’ll search on bing.

Amazon: There ARE plenty of other sites to Amazon that equal their prices, you just have to put your card details into other trusted vendors.

Apple: I have put none of their products on my christmas list. Screw you Apple. Also, I have turned off their statistics until they do, “Send Anonymous Usage statistics”, Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage > Off

Starbucks:  You’re not so much on the list anymore

So it’s not too difficult or that restrictive, I just have to not be a dooche’ and use the other services.