Immersive Simulation or Haptic…

Had a really interesting chat today with WMG is really enjoying getting stuck into trialling Immersive media, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. But it’s coming with challenges that we’re all aware of Cost 3D models and worlds Time for setting up equipment Coders Linking the learning to a LMS platform Sea sickness But the chap […]

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The Rurbric for Digital Handins

What does the Rurbric look like for a digital hand-in with no specified medium of hand-in..? If it’s ok to hand in a Twitter Stories wall, video, pdf, PPT, IOS Game, Website, chatbot… I know it’s really un-realistic, and students shouldn’t be handing in things that aren’t going to get the points (otherwise, what’s the […]

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Paying the Mac “Tax”

Paying the Mac Tax, or “should I buy our developers Macs or cheaper PCs?”. Often the idea of buying staff an Apple Mac’s for work seems like a poor business decision. It’s expensive and surely nothing more than “pretty thing”. Doesn’t everything work on Windows anyway right? You can hear it in your mind saying, “how […]

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