The start of something bigger

Original post written 2013/02/04 – Published 2013/07/08

Today. Today is the day I start my OU course in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

This post won’t be published for a while as there are work commitments and others that need to be told before it goes on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace….. Hah.

I’m sitting here on the bristol bus, waiting to get into town realising what a great change is about to happen.


Note to yourself, don’t ever forget why you’re getting into this. The UK is awesome and the revolution needs leaders your mind.

William Cobbet

A man of right mind must be pleased with the reflection that there is a
great mass of skill and ability under his own roof. He feels stronger and
more independent on this account, all pecuniary advantage out of the
question… yet on men go, from year to year, in a state of wretched
dependence, even when they have all the means of living within themselves,
which is certainly the happiest state of life that anyone can enjoy.

William Cobbett

The Cookie crumbles

So to give you an idea of how the “digital lot” currently think the “government lot” handle new technology laws, please read the article at the bottom and enjoy the infographic on the “Cookie law mess”. Please download and enjoy 🙂

Cookie law infographic
Cookie law infographic

But it’s no use just complaining about these things, people would like some guidance. So what’s an actionable solution please.

We need a platform that allows,

An OPEN conversation about new technology laws in which lots of people can come together and discuss it, then add date milestones to reach a consensus by.

It’s as simple as a blog post with comments, it’s as simple as a twitter-up, it’s as simple as a Dialog app. Next time however ICO, please do at LEAST the bare minimum.

Saving jobs at HMV and Blockbuster

If we were to skip back 10 years, make a little change. Do as Estonia has been doing (see the attached link) and teach our kids coding, would it be possible HMV and Blockbuster films may survived the competition?

If more of their staff / leadership had learnt to code, they’d have seen what was possible to set themselves up as a more digitally-fronted business.

Jobs wouldn’t have been lost just because they couldn’t compete on a digital front with their rivals, they’d have been made to fight it.