Saving jobs at HMV and Blockbuster

If we were to skip back 10 years, make a little change. Do as Estonia has been doing (see the attached link) and teach our kids coding, would it be possible HMV and Blockbuster films may survived the competition?

If more of their staff / leadership had learnt to code, they’d have seen what was possible to set themselves up as a more digitally-fronted business.

Jobs wouldn’t have been lost just because they couldn’t compete on a digital front with their rivals, they’d have been made to fight it.

Who to follow in 2013


The Government Digital Strategy team, you must follow, they’re bring our Governement up to date and less expensive. Even if their twitter handles does sound like a popular games portal…

John Redwood

His blog is concise and responds to national problems with concise well written answers. Follow his blog if you’d like to not have your head blasted with over-bearing facts and figures. Could easily be placed as a columist in the Guardian, Times, Finacial Times or the Mirror


Bristol based company who specialise in digital government projects. Their blog posts are always from experience and it’s good to see a Ltd. company sharing it’s ideas and thoughts.