Engagement is queen [god save the…]”

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So as a product manager involved in designing our learning dashboard work around “actionable data by default”, I’m struggling with data events being so simple, and the learning design being so thorough. We want actionable data to allow a student and their tutor to take action and guide them towards more learning success. But if…… Continue reading Engagement is queen [god save the…]”

Is EdTech Still Relevant?

This post is a submission to the OpenBlog challenge #OpenBlog19. As people who work in the business of supporting educational technology you’d be surprised (and probably a bit disappointed) if we said no EdTech is not still relevant, it’s not. But it’s a question that’s fairly regularly asked. It normally starts along the lines of…… Continue reading Is EdTech Still Relevant?

Design Thinking

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So I’m on 2 udemy courses right now, Product Manager and Design Thinking. I’m interested in Design Thinking because I think it plays well to my mindset – no restrictions on ideas, teaching, business design and an interest in creative marketing. Here’s some of my rough notes so I don’t forget! Why use design thinking?…… Continue reading Design Thinking

Immersive Simulation or Haptic…

Had a really interesting chat today with WMG is really enjoying getting stuck into trialling Immersive media, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. But it’s coming with challenges that we’re all aware of Cost 3D models and worlds Time for setting up equipment Coders Linking the learning to a LMS platform Sea sickness But the chap…… Continue reading Immersive Simulation or Haptic…