An award for “Most collaborative”

This year I was very lucky enough to get recognised for a value I work very hard at. The award for “Most Collaborative” was presented this year at an end of year ceremony. Be Collaborative Trust yourself, your colleagues and your partners enough to have honest interaction and find solutions as a team. Keypath award Also, […]

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New Job, new year!

Guess who’s gone and got himself his first Full time job? ME! I’m now proudly an “E-learning Developer” in Warwick Manufacturing Group, a part of Warwick University. Roughly that’ll mean I’m a one man digital solution team. Scoping digital projects, running Agile Project management and coding the Delivery of projects to support WMG’s blended E-learning […]

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How to celebrate St George’s Day

Type into Facebook or Twitter, “Happy St George’s Day!”. We have now completed the minimum acceptable celebration. Now if you’re unsure of what else to do, you could copy me and appreciate… the journey back into England after visiting a foreign country and looking at its luscious green endless fields. some of the most heterogeneous History ever! Even […]

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The super meetup of digital and government thought leaders, CITIZEN2013

  Can citizens really be customers? Can public bodies really ‘engage’ with citizens? Can the public sector achieve the same ease of doing business online as achieved by the big online brands? On June 13, 2013 the second CITIZEN conference will take place to try to answer these questions. Now this is exciting, I’ve got a ticket […]

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You re angry with politics right?

… So was I. Imagine the relief to possibly have tapped into a solution to end that frustration. Aside from punching a picture of a politician repeatedly. Democracy 2015 cafe consultations, they lay on a couple of drinks and a warm room. They lay on some super super informed people with actual quantifiable stats/evidence. Then […]

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