Who to follow in 2013


The Government Digital Strategy team, you must follow, they’re bring our Governement up to date and less expensive. Even if their twitter handles does sound like a popular games portal…

John Redwood

His blog is concise and responds to national problems with concise well written answers. Follow his blog if you’d like to not have your head blasted with over-bearing facts and figures. Could easily be placed as a columist in the Guardian, Times, Finacial Times or the Mirror


Bristol based company who specialise in digital government projects. Their blog posts are always from experience and it’s good to see a Ltd. company sharing it’s ideas and thoughts.

An agile government

Things appear too docuemnt heavy in Government. “Make this please, we’ve planned it for months… oh look, it hasn’t worked and it’s delivered over budget.”

More project managers need to be hired who practice Agile methodology. They are adaptable to change in a world where the deliverables should be subject to change from your origninal idea.

Right now, I love everything @GDSteam is pumping out. It works, it handles mistakes, it moves on. There was barely anything in the news about the .gov.uk site swtichover because it was so smoothly done.

Leaving the EU

Bad idea to talk about it too long. Companies won’t have an easy choice building business here if they’re not sure on what grounds they’ll be trading with the rest of the world from.

Being out would be awesome, then we regain a lot of powers in a country that enjoys being independent winners.

Being in is awesome, it makes us more than just us with the world and expands our culture.