Advanced Product Management: Turning vision into Strategy

Just putting in to practice my learning from the APM module I’m taking. This is turning a product vision into a strategy.

The problem, our students have full-time jobs and fit in their Masters level study around their lives and employment. This means doing short bursts of work, then feeding the kids, then returning the next day and doing another burst.

In certain legacy LMS’s the ability to just “track where you were” last, or what you have completed is non-existent. Which for part-time students is frustrating, effort and time consuming.

We want to improve their learning journey and make their time count as engaging with the learning material and not re-finding where they were last.

The Vision:

“as a student, I would like to recap where I was last on a module”

Alpha Success Metrics:

  • Quan: 60%+ of the student population actively record 60% of their module to “completed”
  • Qual: On student feedback surveys, the tool gets mentioned positively by 50% of respondents

The Strategy:

I’ve broken this one in to discrete deliverables…


  • Have an auto-creating (i.e., doesn’t have to be put their by the ID) button panel appear on each unit’s study path,
  • Panel records per. person per. module their progress with 0 team member manual setup
  • Student can manually record their progress on each item
  • On Module overview, make it collate all 7 units progress in to one place
  • If a unit has not been seen yet, it will just show, “Unit 6: Not visited”
  • Complete UAT


  • … move from study path / auto-expand study path
  • Make it auto-discover a full picture of each unit from the MO page
    • Can auto-discover, could be “cached” by the ID
  • Complete UAT


  • It creates relevant unique ids to the learning tasks “UNIT1-topic1, UNIT4-webinar, UNIT5-midModuleSurvey”
  • Make it auto-gen buttons on the unique ids we’ve found
  • Complete UAT

Here’s the rough notes getting me to the place…

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By Dan Course

Senior Instructional Designer. Partnerships, people, products, delivery, agile tech and online edu. Naturally curious, innovative and willing to challenge the status quo.

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