Vision: “A vivid mental image, especially a fanciful one of the future”

Advanced Product Management recap for day 1.

Well I was correct on how much talk there was going to be in this course!

But to focus on the +ve’s.

The course is demystifying what a vision is, and how I’m already partaking in vision work. It is demystifying what vision strategy is and how I’m already doing that too.

Other things were,

  • Having a vision is a not just a thing for Steve Jobs and Netflix founders, it’s about having a strong opinion on trends you see
  • Also, visionaries aren’t always right, who remembers the apple one click mouse?
  • A strategy is just the work to reach “said” vision – nothing fancy
  • GM overtook Ford’s “1 model for all” approach / vision by listening to feedback that people wanted choice in their cars and models, vision can be simply based on customer feedback

Don’t be worried if your vision isn’t 100% accurate, just have an opinion on some trends you see in everyday life.

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