Labour leadership contest

Welcome to my view on the Labour Leadership Race…

Collating the word on my whatsapp it seems to be a choice between a suit, lady without the same presence as JC, or a sharp minded someone or other.

Who should I vote for?

This labour leadership election has left me nothing short of mixed.

Keir is the most stateman like, the likeliest to appeal as a “genericly good” politician outside of the Labour lovies. His policies are for left and centre… but you’d never expect him to read “rise up like lions”, have tones of pizazz… where’s the fire in my belly to get out there and leaflet for him? Maybe that’s selfish, and whilst JC engaged me, we need someone who could engage past middle class nicompoops…

Rebecca Long Bailey… Recently, I went to a Coventry left meet up in a large “salt of the earth” pub up the East of Cov, Cov Labour Left had booked one meeting room and proceeded to spend the evening shouting over and at each other. The funny thing was some local ladies were rocking their Friday night next door with the Karaoke and endless laughter. It’s like no one has told them next door that socialism would be better for them… jeez’, haven’t they read the raggady trouser philanthropist?

Lisa Nandy… always seemingly sidelined? The most stateswoman like and the videos you see of her are always showing her cutting and strong responses, but what are her policies again? What’s her story? With her I’ve been left a bit blank. I mean, my immediate associations I think which each candidate are Keir is a “Sir”, and the “poll lead”; RLB is “JC’s RHW” and a “Socialist”… Lisa Nandy-noos… who is she… if only I had the energy after the December election defeat to click twice to look her up and be brave enough to vote for her.

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