Giving power to an engine of positive social change

That’s what we stand for. Positive change for a fairer society. All our efforts in the Labour party should be to focussed on bring power to enact that message.

Should Labour be looking to bring back “working class” voters? Well, does it bring power to the engine of positive social policy? So obviously yes it would. It’s Labour’s roots. But whilst these members have been turned off, they’re still Labour’s closest tribe to gain a majority for power with. I know it seems silly asking such a question, but I feel like in a time of reflection – and for a Labour newbie – it’s good to take it back to the roots.

Every thought always needs to be about gaining power for the engine. Because without the power, and in opposition, our manifesto means nothing and is valueless.

How do we win every seat in the country for Labour? Nope. There’s more risk in going for more seats, so we focus on winning enough seats and some contingency. Identify them, get going on local listening, acting and support.

Should we continue with Momentum? Yes. It got people out of their houses, built an engine of activism and inspired thousands of caring people to do something. We need to maintain the level of deep activism with that tribe, however recognise that’s not enough people for Labour to be in power so…

We need to highlight our next “most likely” tribe(s) of people and listen and act for them too. What about these tribes? Centrist Labour members. Labour voters who voted leave. Family members in the Army. Tradespeople who are very social (i.e., meet lots of the general public, likely to talk lots) – builders, electricians, builders. Hairdressers. Every office “executive”… Our Labour MPs and councillors need to be out listening and having the power to act for them.

Should Labour engage in the level of skulduggery and lies the Tory and Conservative candidates spread? It’s tempting. But no. It’s not positive. We need to find a better way of improving how we get our message out (hundreds of door knocking activist from Momentum anyone?) and reducing the right wing media’s sway on the country. Instagram lovers. Pinterest People. What if we elected and funded 20 different tribe ambassadors to listen and engage our highest value tribes? We plan for skulduggery and lies and have some set pieces ready.

Should activists spend more time on Twitter? Well, that’s out for the jury and we need data for that. Twitter is probably good for engaging, maintaining and deepening our Momentum members, but not good for other tribes. That tweet may be better spent getting yourself less in an echo chamber hissy fit, but actually doing something positive online. Do we need a Labour Mechanical Turk for engaging our activists to do something online to get engage the key tribes? Sending them to fight lies, do simple Labour digital tasks and comment of valuable opinion pieces the bridges Labour and the select valuable tribes.

I recognise these are basic thoughts, but I’m new to politics and I’m reflecting πŸ™‚

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By Dan Course

Senior Instructional Designer. Partnerships, people, products, delivery, agile tech and online edu. Naturally curious, innovative and willing to challenge the status quo.

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