Design Thinking

So I’m on 2 udemy courses right now, Product Manager and Design Thinking.

I’m interested in Design Thinking because I think it plays well to my mindset – no restrictions on ideas, teaching, business design and an interest in creative marketing.

Here’s some of my rough notes so I don’t forget!

Why use design thinking?

  • People, they are key and will validate your delivery
  • Patterns, hmmm, not sure
  • Perspectives, Many different perspectives gives us fresh design blood
  • Focus, your choices have to focus on the objectives
  • Iterations, you can go back and forward
  • Delivery, you are producing a tangible “piece”

When companies are split across so many communication departments – the only person holding all the information can sometimes be the customer

the man in the video –

What areas of business impact does Design Thinking meet?

  • Adding value and enriching experience of existing customers. Don’t improve the product, but maybe it’s looking at other ways of meeting their needs
  • Increase the number of customers with new segments – let’s change the products and services we already have to suit the needs to a new customer group
  • Innovation, what would a restaurant be like without a menu?
  • Employees, training! It costs and pays off. Something like the protected training we’re getting at KeyPath
  • Social responsibility, be good

This is the list I care for most, a lot of it plays into my present skills in focused innovation, but also having fun with what tools we have.

The more I hear about this, the more design thinking sounds like how a teacher thinks on making activities interesting for their class.

Oh, and someone get this guy a glass of water, I’m hearing a lot of phlegm! (note for Exeter videos…)

Next time, the assignment!

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