So woke’

I planned a longer post but am really struggling with spending personal time on writing! However I wanted to share the changes I’ve been making to my life. Small things to lessen my footprint, but I’ve been doing them for a couple of years now and I keep adding more changes to my life of which I’m proud.

Tax dodging

I no longer purchase from Amazon, they are well documented for being naughty with their tax accounting and can’t honestly look to complain about school funding being poor, the NHS needing money or any other public service being strapped for cash when I ultimately am consciously using companies that don’t pay into the tax purse like I do.

I also try to avoid using Amazon cloud services for my tech work.

I’ve struggled with my Kindle purchases, however, am now an avid user of the brilliant Coventry library instead.

The problem comes however grubby tax dodgers like like Apple, Google, Airbnb and Facebook.

With Facebook I now use it less. With Google I’ve switched to Ecosia and duckduckgo for more searches.

With Apple… I still have iPhones and haven’t stumped up the cash for a fairphone.

AirBnb, not sure yet.

More to do, but I’ve started!

My Meat

fresh meat
Photo by Markus Spiske on

A while ago I realised that I’d never slaughtered an animal. Odd, but true. Have you? If you were asked to slaughter the animals you wanted to eat, would you? I suggest searching for abattoir animal videos. Also, look into Kosher and Halal meat, see how your stomach does with that.

That made me spend some time reading more about the meat industry only to realise that industrialised meat product is awful and horrific. So far, I now don’t eat Pork, I eat a lot less chicken and beef. Also, why kill animals when science is making us super tasty meat free alternatives. I’m sure a mark of a modern civilisation is being able to choose not to kill things.

I now basically eat less meat, and only buy from one supplier so I know where the animal was killed. I’d like to eat no meat tbh. but I have really poor iron levels so haven’t quite made it yet – even with supplements.

But it does mean I don’t eat meat out, from Greggs for lunch, or anywhere really. Who knows where that was killed or what life it had, or how long it was trasported for so I could have some meat at lunch.

More to do, but I’ve started!

Buy food Ethically, unless it’s too hard

Mmmm Milky

Blergh. A trip to an animal sanctuary sorted that. Listen to the stories of babies taken from mothers… big nope. Watch online where the calfs go once they’re taken… big big nope.

I don’t drink milk in my tea or have it with my cereal, instead I’m getting un-sweetened fortified Almond milk which is tasty, and also Soya milk. But I’m sure I still have it in cakes and other products.

More to do, but I’ve started!

Plastic face

This summer I’m buying from Lush, and trialling andkeep for a plastic free bathroom! No shampoo bottles, no show gel bottles… no nuffin.

I’m struggling with razors and contact lenses and presents people buy with smellies. However, in Coventry, lots of the plastic is recycled here, so I’m hoping that slightly balances it. Also, I’m “that guy” in the office and refuse to let people use the plastic cutlery and plates when we have perfectly good china and metals ones to wash.

More to do, but I’ve started!

So woke’

What a dull post! Look at the things I’m not doing 😛 I know it’s over-worthy, but I wanted to share the easier small changes I’m managing to keep up.

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