What would spur the 500,000 into action?

There’s strength in numbers, but as I explored / mused recently in Vanity metrics, are the Labour membership numbers really that strong?

Recently on the Labour Party Facebook page there has been a flurry of polls and conversation. And it made me wonder where are the Labour Party’s touch points for debating and ultimately calling on us to take unified action? Do these conversations lead to people leaving their chairs and taking action?

We have 500,000 members, but at any one time can we spur more than 5% them into action?

Emails, my guess is that emails are the most reliable form of making initial contact with them majority of numbers, but I wonder if their resulting action/goal is actually even close to 10%?

The Facebook Page has apparently 600,000+ members, however any one discussion won’t see more than 200 interactions for a poll, or maybe 25 replies on a conversation.

Again, when we look at the ward meetings in certain CLP space, we see at best 10 from membership of 600, showing how few people actually take part. It seems this assumption may be true, according to Keith.


Is the party as strong as it actually believes it is? Following up on the vanity metrics post, are we in dire need of addressing our touch points for conversing, and ultimately leading to action.

I believe there’s strength in unified action, but if we aren’t all interacting in the same place and leaving our armchairs, maybe there isn’t that much strength stored up?

Is the party as strong as it actually believes it is?

Featured image from, https://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/beware-the-armchair-general/

Author: Dan Course

Dan Course, E-Learning Development at Warwick University (WMG). Agile Scrum trained and full-stack development. Interested in E-learning, Democracy, Politics and Tech. All thoughts are mine and not of my employer.