The Labour party and vanity metrics


After joining the Labour Party we are told we have 500,000 members which is a very exciting metric! However my experience tells me that’s partly a vanity metric (see Yes, the high number may make other people come join as it’s clearly a growing exciting movement, however, is “total members” a useful sum for the aim of, “preparing for power”?

500,000 members is a vanity metric for the Labour Party

The Labour party prides itself on being a party of action, able to rally people to go door knocking at a moments notice and join a march every weekend. However, I wonder how true is that really and what metrics would represent that? For a party of action, I suspect it’s a case of something similar to these,

  • number of members doing, “an action” for Labour each month
  • number of for those attending Ward meetings

Out of 500,000 members, how many will turn up at the doors? How many attend a ward meet? How many will frequently sit at a phone bank for the elections?

So how can we say, find out the actual numbers who can do actioning, too, increase those numbers frequently? Maybe head office have something on it, but I was just pondering our metrics to show if we really are, “preparing for power”.

Author: Dan Course

Dan Course, E-Learning Development at Warwick University (WMG). Agile Scrum trained and full-stack development. Interested in E-learning, Democracy, Politics and Tech. All thoughts are mine and not of my employer.