Laravel Homestead, getting blackfire working

Here’s how I got it working, HTH

# Edit out homestead settings
homestead edit
# Enter your details,
# See re-provision your homestead box
vagrant global-status
vagrant provision ???? # << this is the id of the homestead instance you have running, from global-status
# So far this didn't work so carry on…
# Get in there
homestead ssh
# update the blackfire agent and php, this is taken from (Debian)
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install –only-upgrade blackfire-agent
sudo /etc/init.d/blackfire-agent restart
sudo apt-get install –only-upgrade blackfire-php
sudo blackfire-agent -register
# Enter your details,
sudo /etc/init.d/blackfire-agent restart
# Now try the chrome profiler again on your page!

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