The Tory party is a party for the people (ie. super rich people)

The Tory party is a party of super rich people, which is fine, it’s just important to know. Its leadership is made up of very rich donors from very rich companies and as such, their policies, we need to remember are policies which support those donors. That’s fine. It’s a party made for super rich people.

Are you a super rich “people”, do imagine what they talk about at their banquests are the same as you talk about over dinner?

Nothing about this should surprise anyone by the way, it is a party lead by people who want to protect themselves being super rich.

But, never be mistaken into thinking a Tory party person means YOU when they say, “We’re a party for the people”. Because, they mean for those super rich people who can pay £50,000 to bend the policy makers’ ears.

Do you want to vote for the super rich boys club? Do you think their ideas and values align with yours?

Author: Dan Course

Dan Course, E-Learning Development at Warwick University (WMG). Agile Scrum trained and full-stack development. Interested in E-learning, Democracy, Politics and Tech. All thoughts are mine and not of my employer.

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