Building a Moodle Gradebook can be painful…

…so go easy.

* When you’re testing the weightings it’s really difficult to see the workings out. Change one thing at a time and refresh lots to check it’s happened
* When you update a score in the Grader Report, sometimes it “locks” that grade in that field, or the result field, so any future updates to that group WON’T re-calculate. Click on the Settings Cog, and tick Override to make it re-calculate that fields (you’ll know it by the yellow background)

* Is it better to do loads of grouping in the Grading view? Nope, it is just more hassle. Leave it 1 flat level as much as possible, then the maths is simpler and it’s much easier to interpret and debug

flat gradebook or nested?

* “Aggregate only non-empty grades” is a pain, do not tick it unless you really know what it is doing. Use it for grouping up 1 assignment across lots of groups


Author: Dan Course

Senior Instructional Designer. Partnerships, people, products, delivery, agile tech and online edu.