Mixing the Backlog and Sprint board together… gulp!

I’m trialling a new version of an Agile board for longer running projects. Ones that don’t have masses of tickets and set defined sprints, but are more on-going support work.

Because, normally I keep a separate backlog board with any number of columns, (whatever the Product Owner feels is easier). And then we create a board per. Sprint with these headings.


  • Iteration Contenders
  • Backlog
  • Blocked
  • In Progress
  • QA Failed
  • QA
  • Done

But trialling the new type, it will be,

Support Board:

  • Wishlist
  • Scheduled
  • Blocked
  • Doing
  • Done

This will be easier for the staff to interpret as their exposure to Agile so far has been understandably minimal. Also, we will require fewer boards as there’s less work.

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