I’ve nearly bought a nurse

So last week I posted about me not using certain services who avoid paying their UK taxes. This is for all of my shopping and Christmas list this year.


Well it’s more tough than I thought. I hadn’t realised how much I use certain services! Blasted Google Chrome is the only decent browser, which then defaults to Google.com searches, and most of the time Amazon is the top spot in the search results…. all on my Apple mac computer.

So, to help me along…

Google: bing.com isn’t all that bad for searches. In Chrome, just type “bing”, then press TAB and you’ll search on bing.

Amazon: There ARE plenty of other sites to Amazon that equal their prices, you just have to put your card details into other trusted vendors.

Apple: I have put none of their products on my christmas list. Screw you Apple. Also, I have turned off their statistics until they do, “Send Anonymous Usage statistics”, Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage > Off

Starbucks:  You’re not so much on the list anymore

So it’s not too difficult or that restrictive, I just have to not be a dooche’ and use the other services.

Author: Dan Course

Dan Course, E-Learning Development at Warwick University (WMG). Agile Scrum trained and full-stack development. Interested in E-learning, Democracy, Politics and Tech. All thoughts are mine and not of my employer.