Best Cyber Monday Deal… buy a nurse!

Or fill some potholes in Sheffield, purchase more teaching assistants, upgrade the tube network or give a nurse that 1% NHS pay rise they’ve always dreamed of.

It’s really easy, all you need to is buy your gifts from a company who contribute to their UK tax fairly and don’t use artificial tax structures to avoid it…

This Christmas is going to be tough, but I will try to use these rules for buying xmas presents this year!

Who to avoid… Amazon

Gulp! The sound you just made is audible from miles around, even to them-lot in their fancy Luxembourg office. However, the tax they paid might make you gulp so hard you’ll swallow that mulled-wine swilling tongue of yours. Let’s work the tax problem out quickly then to save your life.

Tot up the amount of stuff you bought through Amazon this year already, then multiply that by all the friends you know who love the site and bought with them too.
That should equal roughly £4.3bn… [1], right, agreed?

On our purchases, they paid ~0.1% UK tax. £4.2m.

Take a moment and think how much you contribute personally in tax on your pay cheque, then wonder if ~0.1% corporation equivalent tax sounds right. Think about it. Think about it…

If you ran a business, would you like to pay 0.1% tax every month? Bet your ass you would. But then all our roads would crumble into potholes, we wouldn’t be able to pay our health staff properly and Davy C couldn’t get his pay rise. Oh right, some of that’s already happened. Because we still consent to their practice by purchasing loads of goods from them.

This year, use your mouse to buy a-nurse-a-pay-rise and flaunt your hard earned cash with…
* Local shops

amazon boycott square with outline

Who to avoid… Google

WTF!?? ! Christmas without Google [3], how am I meant to think, search for opening times and deals. You’re nuts, Course!

I know. But! It’s true. Every time we search on Google a water main bursts, a care home falls down and little Jonny at school listens through his Ritalin echoing ears to another hard working teacher.

Why not try bing… (through gritted teeth) I know it’s pale in comparison, however, it’s probably because they pay their taxes.

If it helps, imagine that every predictive search with Google on “gift ideas for men” a fairy dies, hitler is a little bit more re-born or you become a little less appealing to your tax paying nan.

google tax
Who to avoid… Apple

Balls. I have nothing to say. I’m not recommending Microsoft again. This has made me sad, so move along. [4]


Who to use… Starbucks

Starbucks have begun paying their corporation tax [2]. It makes less sense for this article now, but good news it is! So, get your mocha choca alpine soya vegan ratbag latte grande and sip slowly knowing you chipped in for that street light down the road.

That’s all

Afraid that’s all I’ve got time for, but this christmas I’m going to try and use my money in companies who will put money back into our country fairly.

I want teachers to have more assistants in the classroom, I want the nurses to get their 1% pay rise, I want people to stop believing the shite that those on benefits are the main drain on our country.


Author: Dan Course

Dan Course, E-Learning Development at Warwick University (WMG). Agile Scrum trained and full-stack development. Interested in E-learning, Democracy, Politics and Tech. All thoughts are mine and not of my employer.