Running Agile in a small team of 2 to 3

Recently I’ve been working on the site which has frequently consisted of a remote team of 2, plus adding in occasional specialist freelancers.

This has proved difficult to work completely Agile as it works best with 4 to 8 people.

Here’s the changes we made and other salient points,

* Trello boards to maintain our progress
* A QA column was preceded with a new column, Product Owner feedback, so responses responsibility between us was clearer and Feedback didn’t get mixed into QA
* Sprints were frequently 80% time locked, and then 20% time available
* Sprint Setups felt like they took longer as the Product owner needed the developer’s time to discuss the backlog grooming
* There is only one person doing lots of the work, keep them pepped up
* Keep up the daily Scrums, even with 2 people they keep the heart beating
* New people were added to Trello and had a mandatory mini-intro so they understood the process extras

It’s mostly, don’t lose faith, it won’t run as smoothly as you hope to start with.

By Dan Course

Senior Instructional Designer. Partnerships, people, products, delivery, agile tech and online edu. Naturally curious, innovative and willing to challenge the status quo.

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