How to celebrate St George’s Day

Type into Facebook or Twitter, “Happy St George’s Day!”.

We have now completed the minimum acceptable celebration. Now if you’re unsure of what else to do, you could copy me and appreciate…

  • the journey back into England after visiting a foreign country and looking at its luscious green endless fields.
  • some of the most heterogeneous History ever! Even if I don’t like all of it, there’s a lot to learn from it.
  • how if I hurt myself, I go to the doctors and I get helped. Breaking Bad would be a short series here
  • it’s lucky we were born here and not somewhere dangerous, in mass poverty, famine  or at war
  • that we build ourselves up every world cup for the football and it never happens

Who knows, next year, we may write something on Facebook AND splash out on a little on a cool England tee shirt . The day is whatever we want to make of it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.26.15


By Dan Course

Senior Instructional Designer. Partnerships, people, products, delivery, agile tech and online edu. Naturally curious, innovative and willing to challenge the status quo.

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