Time-saving tinned or Best before Toms?

That’s two weeks of trying out Pomodoro in various forms, how did it all go?

Good for…

Nice Tomato Sauce

  • Keeping you going all day: the frequent breaks meant you haven’t expelled your energy in the morning
  • Less wound up: Even my wife noticed at the end day



  • Peaking: In the morning you’re a lot more awake, so each 25 minute session cuts you off in your prime! But, saying that, it helps balance the day for when you’re more tired in the afternoon
  • Naughty: Feels like you’re having too many breaks



  • Illusions: When you start Pomodoro, your time is all wibbly wobbly timey wimey squiffy, so you’re not sure if it’s lunch or the end of the day
  • Retrospective: Leave a sentence or two at the end of each session in your code
    • What you need to do next
    • What’s blocking you



It’s very useful and it has kept me on task and working efficiently all day. The breaks also mean I get to stretch my legs and stop being like a battery-farm coder.

I think I’ll use it for days when it’s like flogging a dead horse, middle of the week slowdowns and after beers on a Friday lunch.