Omg, isn’t that an English Heritage jacket? Are you old?

Yes, but how old?

The age really depends on if you like watching spitfires drop pyrotechnic bombs on a field full of WWII re-enactors all armed with rifles; Them shooting at each other and fighting in front of your eyes, whilst a half-track APC comes burning out of the hedgerow laden with angry looking shock troopers.

I wonder if you’d like Knights knocking the merry hell out of each other, charging down their opponents on mighty horses and wood splintering on metal to the sound of people cheering.

Gawping at massive castles and feeling sick about the disgusting stuff that went on, a horrible histories laugh, but away from the screen.

It’s about knowing and spectating what went on under your feet in your own country and others. Seeing what you’re made of and why. It’s about enjoying yourself and seeing where it will take you.

I’ve gone from a doubter, thinking it’s just for old people, dragged to the History of Live event, to playing loads more Napoleon Total War and to becoming a member and soon going to Apsley house.

Don’t believe how fun it is, check the piccies’ and come to the next History Live.

How old, not very old apparently 😀

More guns and pretend war and fighting please!

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