NHS I.T revolution… as in “here I.T goes again”?

Ha ha, what a pun, the daily hate mail would be proud, anyway.


Our government is intending to spend £1 billion in a hi tech re-vamp of the NHS. That’s great news, super efficiencies, better tools and a hi tech hospital… But we’ve been here before, yes.


[photo from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/8677275/NHS-should-consider-abandoning-7bn-IT-project.html]

Let’s ask, what have people have learnt from, the previous failed NHS I.T. project already? Will the contractors be required to use Scrum & Agile methodology? Who is going to set the user stories? Is it the staff or someone far removed from the system, like Michael Gove re-writing the curriculum?

Someone needs to check the proposals and check contractors have got the right skills this time and we don’t see this headline again in 15 years only with a larger figure… “£12bn NHS computer system is scrapped…” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2040259/NHS-IT-project-failure-Labours-12bn-scheme-scrapped.html].

consider training the kick-ass staff be more technically efficient

Also, while you’re there, consider training the kick-ass staff be more technically efficient, spend on some basic computer training. I was speaking with an NHS friend who described staff not knowing how to use USB sticks to transfer files to a computer 2 metres away. They were printing it then scanning it into the next one. Nope, that should not acceptable anymore in any workplace.


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