Non-important thoughts (24th Aug 2013)

Thoughts recently

* Napoleon was an awesome power of a man, in the book I’m reading it’s taken the 6th Co-olittion, Russia, Austria, Spain, UK, Germany to beat him back to France. Bloody Colnel Molfort blowing the bridge early didn’t help the last retreat

* Napoleon took so much of Europe’s land. Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Austria and marched all the way into Russia. He was beaten there because after taking the capital city, Moscow, the Tsar did not submit but retreated back and waited for Winter and attacked Napoleon’s retreating raggeed forces

* The Duke of Wellington was an awesome military man, he lead a campaign to kick Napoleon’s brother in Spain. Changes in tactics and upholding his primary objective at all times, to kick Napoloen’s butt. He was strong enough to leave Madrid after accepting their praise of relieving them for the sake of his men first and being an alive Goat rather than a dead Lion.

* The Electoral Reform society are very interesting, they’re looking at how our democracy is skewed with FPTP voting system (would like a job there).

* Full fact are an interesting charity, You should follow them and see if what papers are jabbering on about is true (would like a job there).

* The Long Now foundation are an interesting charity, our lives are short let’s be brave and plan further, we are now in the year 02013.

* The defenders of the FPTP system decided the UK people were too dumb to understand the new system and relied on them not having enough time or care to double check it. I reckon anyone in the public would be able to understand it, they picked a good stratefy.


By Dan Course

Senior Instructional Designer. Partnerships, people, products, delivery, agile tech and online edu. Naturally curious, innovative and willing to challenge the status quo.

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