Free campaign idea: Give your children a 21st century head-start!

Facebook, Google, Angry Birds; all digital products we’ve heard of and probably use quite frequently. These are all products of success that have brought industry, jobs and prosperity to their local areas.

But did you know, your children attending one of the 28 Bristol North West primary schools could be learning the first basic skills of creating a digital product themselves?

(Dept of Education,(2010), 04/04/13)

[Your MP] is campaigning to give your children a 21st century head-start, by asking local businesses and Primary schools to work together and establish a free after-school activity, “Code Club”. The “Code Club” organisation, who are in partnership with Google, will teach the building blocks of computer programming (coding) to children by making games to share and play with other.

If coding still sounds a bit like gibberish and a bit alien, [Your MP] will be taking part in a session too which we’ll video and upload soon. But for now, enjoy Code Club’s official video.

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Why? Potential Campaign Benefits of “Code Club”

  • Families are levelers across all constituency: Irrespective of wealth there are lots of families with young children. (6000+ Primary School children attending in the 28 NW Bristol schools)
  • Already established: Some Code Clubs are already running so we’re not re-inventing the wheel or backing a fragile organisation. It also ties in with the new Bristol Enterprise Zone.
  • New area: Code Club has not been publicly championed by an MP yet, just national papers.
  • Shareable: The children’s end product, which would be a game is VERY sharable by parents through email, school websites and social media. This will also promote the campaign and the positive difference it can make.


  • Coding would be a new area for you (I believe?)
    • Solution: In the first ‘Code Club’ it would be beneficial if you could join in and get some videos of you coding with the pupils.
  • New area for public, would they understand?
    • Solution: Talk more about skills / success of Facebook / Google coders. Associate that with what the pupils will be learning and benefiting from.


  • Start now, for more Code Clubs in the new Autumn term. Leave Summer free for a “Sports and Jess Ennis campaign”

Analysis of MP’s current position (and some assumptions)

This was relevant to the MP, so please complete your own here, I’ve left it in for clarity

  • Where you’re strong: I believe you may poll well with 35-54 (32% of constituency) home owners, males and females, as you come across as a strong female role model.
  • A long term campaign is needed: Frequency of news updates and tone make it appear you will be standing again for Bristol North West for the 2015 election.
  • Something non “working adult”: Current campaigns on the site are adult focussed. Trains, College, EU Parliament, Beer.
  • A campaign for a mixed constituency: Bristol North West is a very mixed constituency in terms of wealth and living environment; Lockleaze / Horfield / Avonmouth.


“For too long computing has meant training kids in skills to become administrators with word processing and spreadsheets. There’s other paths computing should lead you on, like inventing Twitter or Facebook, creating your local charity or campaign websites…”

“If I asked you to follow a food recipe, you could, because you learnt in home ec. But if you have an idea for an app or a website, you couldn’t do much about it except ask for help. It’s a restrictive bottle neck on you and our country’s growth”

“Who hasn’t had an idea for an app or website but then hasn’t been able to do anything about it? Let’s start teaching our kids how to make apps and websites so their entrepreneurial ideas can come to fruition”

“It’s restrictive on EVERYBODY’s entrepreneurial skills that when you have a cool idea for an app, you can’t do anything about it. But say if you have a cool idea for a dinner, you’re able to make it.”

What is this all about?

This is a campaign idea produced for a prized job in Charlotte Leslie MP‘s busy office. I’m sharing it in the spirit of openness as I couldn’t take the post due to work commitments and I think it’s still bloody good idea. Chop and change stats and names as necessary, just don’t forget it came from first 🙂

This is my first local MP campaign idea. Find me on linkedin as I’m interested in finding a role working for a campaign machines of the 2015 general election

By Dan Course

Senior Instructional Designer. Partnerships, people, products, delivery, agile tech and online edu. Naturally curious, innovative and willing to challenge the status quo.

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