Russell Brand raises the Westboro Church – Alleluighyah

So for those of you who didn’t hear, Westboro church are a religious community in America who have some rather extreme sounding beliefs, most esspeically in their hate for gays. Resently they picked up a lot of flack for it. (and in my opinion, rightly so)

However, watch this Russel Brand clip from his show in the US of A.


He allows the Westboro church representatives space to talk about their beliefs and even asks the crowd to cut some slack so his guests’ views are heard properly. But why is that clever and also right to do? Isn’t he raising gay hating loons to the national populous, giving them massive air-time and possibly further spreading their cause?

… religion is an idea. And an idea does not have rights.

Religion is an idea, a belief and people are free to interpret it differently. He even mentions that, “what if we’re all wrong then we’re going to hell?”. It’s possible, that the homosexual Christians bought on at the end of the clip are wrong in God’s eyes (if there is even one). However, defending those ideas is no better defending whether or not people should eat a pie for dinner, it’s just an idea of human making. However, if you talk about rights, it’s also your right do do as you feel, just please try not to harm anyone, so people going about their way to harm those with other ideas, is not cool.

Russell Brand
Russell Brand

Also, another salient point is, in diplomacy you need to make sure both sets of voices are heard fairly, otherwise one won’t listen to the other. He’s probably effected some good making sure the other side was listened to on at the public level which so vilified them.

Which-ever way you swing with religion or sexual desires you must always remember, don’t hate purely backed by an idea.

I personally believe people have rights to do whatever they want, just don’t harm anyone.

And just to finish, here’s some of the funniest piccies from the internet about rights and beliefs 🙂


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