The people need their own connections, not just the state

An ability to setup and maintain your own internet connection is very important for a nation to not be overthrown by fools or destroyed by nature.

When there is a disaster in a country or a government chooses to silence the people, it’s possible the internet connection could be knocked offline. Leaving lots of people stranded for information, unable to attract attention or ask for help.

With Analog radio, it wouldn’t matter if there are no base stations, you can transmit (TX) and receive (RX) distances without any middle technology. You just need the radio. However, analog is being shut off in this country and with your phone, you’re reliant on a middle man and their technology to communicate.

If I was able to however to setup my own local Wide Area Network and connect that to the internet people would be able to communicate in some way they would a radio.

[/End my musing transmission]

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