Candy crush saga licensed as gambling

Should games like Candy Crush saga be licensed under gambling law?

Candy Crush Saga logo
Candy Crush Saga logo

I’m watching someone play a slot machine, and it may as well be candy crush saga.. People play, they get stuck by game logic, they pay, they play on, and on…

Legally what constitutes a “gambling game”? Matt Pollins from OLS…WANG has the answer and also some thoughts, (Ā He thinks that things are getting a bit too close now, because gambling is,

a particular activity constitutes “playing a game of chance for a prize”

However, “social gamblingĀ distinguishes itself from gambling is by preventing players from taking the virtual currency they have “won” out of the game”. Yet like it or not they are playing for a prize. Does that mean the laws and regulations should be looked at again, or is that a but too much.

Personally, I believe they should be looked at again. An addictive game where you put money in to increase your chance sounds a bit of the doge side.Ā EspeciallyĀ since seeing the similarity in human activity between Candy Crush Saga and a fruit machine.



By Dan Course

Senior Instructional Designer. Partnerships, people, products, delivery, agile tech and online edu. Naturally curious, innovative and willing to challenge the status quo.


  1. As a recovering compulsive gambler I would definitely not play Candy Crush. It’s very similar to the games I would play on internet gaming sites and I imagine the buzz would be the same. Once the buzz goes you look for it elsewhere. Personally I know if I played Candy Crush it would only be a mater of time until I was back gambling my brains out causing all sorts of havoc. Be aware of this growing addiction and stay safe. Mel xx


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