The FCO is getting Naked *wolf whistle*

So who else is ahead in thinking about new tech for their department? Well, it’s the FCO baby.

This is a great article (link at the bottom) forwarded to me from Jacob Halpin, a British Diplomat breaking his back working in Jordan right now. Written by Tom Fletcher (the Naked Diplomat), it’s an insightful read and calls for some high-level consideration from the British FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) about the conversations they’re having around the digital revolution.

…is like a 19th century farmer debating whether or not to be part of the industrial revolution. This (digital revolution) is happening all around us, with or without diplomats.

Tom’s post goes onto makes some important points, like…

  • You (Diplomats) have a mission to communicate, and social media is just another way to deliver the message. However, never forget, Socal media is a tool, not a solution.
  • Twitter is powerful, careful…
  • Diplomacy is about talking and action. Not 140 character conversations So announcements are great, informative transparent updates yes, short musings for sure but as main method of communication to talk around about Syria, no.
  • Let’s borrow thoughts from Jamie Oliver’s naked chef, and cut the fuss to the essential

Insightful read and great to see UK govenment officials starting the conversation and mindset

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