The Government is developing its own iTunes

It’s becoming more and more apparent, Government everywhere is about to start seeing an iTunes effect…

It’s going to be the digital revolution for government next

First out, the music industry had the start of its digital revolution with disruptive technologies and we’re starting to see the tail end of now with HMV closing down. Then it was the film industry’s turn, and iTunes started disrupting their thunder ages ago and old leviathans like Blockbuster film have gone into administration.

But next, it’s going to other less seemingly lucrative industries starting to see disruption. Thought Den believe cultural institutions are on the horizon next, just as the money catches up. It’s being led with with projects like Capture the Museum and Magic Tate Ball.

However, before more money makes it onto the scene at your local art-house, something which affects our daily lives constantly is going to become the most important, the Government. It’s taking peoples’ money, not always performing how we imagine it to  and for digital natives, it’s not quite digitally’ enough..

Polling is on one day every 5 years and you actually have to “go there”, you can’t download your local MP’s manifesto in pdf format, it’s impossible to properly see what / who you’re voting for and you frequently have no idea of what they’re up to.

By the time the next election comes around, unless the Government starts pushing some more changes, it’ll be less legitimate than an x-factor final and about as transparent as a duck.

So, who are the people leading the Government digital race now?

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