Imagining your town’s future

It’s like a pen and paper to a citizen’s mind and imagination

The artist piece, “Give me back the Broken night” is an attempt to discover and tap into citizens’ thoughts of a future

space / city around them. You can be forgiven for thinking that the title of the video means you’re about to watch something horrifcally meloncholy, however, it’s quite heart warming and surprising, so do watch. I suspect afterwards, you’ll all want to have it run in your city soon.

[jwplayer config=”myplayer” image=”×168.png” html5_file=”″ download_file=”″ width=”100%” height=”300px”]
For something like town planning or quantifying citizen’s thoughts, instead of detailed blueprints, balsa wood town models, obscure questionarres by street question hawkers, it’s a simple modern tool which draws what you say on demand.

For those interested in the detail. A pico projector is attached to the citizen on a lanyard and they’re asked to hold some white blank card infront of it to project onto. When they’re asked their thoughts in the space around them, a microphone captures and sends their voice to an illustrator who is connected to their pico projector. As the person talks, the illustrator hears and draws ‘into their projector’ which appears infront of them in real time. A magical effect.

This project was shown to me by the Pmstudio and it would be an asset to a city currently in the consultation for big space changes, read more about it on the Open City site.

By Dan Course

Senior Instructional Designer. Partnerships, people, products, delivery, agile tech and online edu. Naturally curious, innovative and willing to challenge the status quo.

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