Entroponic’ cohort analysis

How does entropy effect your cohort analysis? If over time the shape of a user’s experience becomes less about their onboarding, and more about their general use, should after a while all cohorts become a general cohort, and it be less important when they on-boarded or when they signed up? Does that mean maybe after […]

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Roadmaps are Rubbish and OKRs are OK

Advanced Product Management Part 3. Some really interesting concepts covered in this session. Roadmaps aren’t great – they can show things too far out for a truly agile company. They may be good as a fancy investor device but to work from, they aren’t Agile enough! Remember, “Working software over comprehensive documentation” Tbh. I’ve always […]

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Advanced Product Management (Day 1)

Today is day 1 of the Advanced Product Management module on udemy. I’m hoping it’s a tonne better than their first module, “intro to PM” which was talking and taaaaalking. However, since this new intro started out as, “first we’ll talk about vision, then we’ll talk about…” we’ll see! Here’s the learning outcomes I’m aiming […]

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Labour leadership contest

Welcome to my view on the Labour Leadership Race… Collating the word on my whatsapp it seems to be a choice between a suit, lady without the same presence as JC, or a sharp minded someone or other. Who should I vote for? This labour leadership election has left me nothing short of mixed. Keir […]

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