Labour leadership contest

Welcome to my view on the Labour Leadership Race… Collating the word on my whatsapp it seems to be a choice between a suit, lady without the same presence as JC, or a sharp minded someone or other. Who should I vote for? This labour leadership election has left me nothing short of mixed. Keir […]

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Is EdTech Still Relevant?

This post is a submission to the OpenBlog challenge #OpenBlog19. As people who work in the business of supporting educational technology you’d be surprised (and probably a bit disappointed) if we said no EdTech is not still relevant, it’s not. But it’s a question that’s fairly regularly asked. It normally starts along the lines of […]

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Voting for what you believe in

Yes. It’s clear that people voting for Brexit had no plan, and yes that is frustrating, however do you blame them? To put it in context, think of something you really want to buy. Take 10 seconds… Now what if I told you there’s a possibility you could have it, but we’re not sure how […]

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Breaking democracy?

What was the point in voting in the first place? Shouldn’t MP’s respect the outcome of the refurendum? A second vote would destory confidence in government. Well these are all seemingly correct statements but in today’s modern world I can’t help but feel they’re out of touch still. A second vote to me would mean […]

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